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Tom Duurland

*Cliche alert!* Always looking for a new challenge and ways to grow and improve myself. Just to let you know: I’m happy with my current position. But if you can offer me a better one? Feel free to contact me!

My Experience

Combining passion with skills

Starting your career at one of the largest and well known video game publisher in the world was more then a dream come true. (No, it was not only playing games all day long…) It helped me develop myself, my skills and working attitude. Those years at Electronic Arts¬†gave me all the tools and knowledge to become the professional I wanted to be.

After my time at Electronic Arts, I went on to develop more specific skills. Like programming with HTML, JavaScript and CSS and creating content for websites, social media channels and advertising campaigns. From the moment I started working at Race Planet, a go-kart and entertainment centre and professional racing team as well, I picked up two of my old passions, writing and designing. Because what is more fun then going somewhere and write about it? Okay, maybe only designing some of the racing cars Race Planet uses for their track day experiences. You definitely have to check that out.

In 2018, it was time to move on take on some more responsibilities. All the experience and knowledge I gained during my career came together at REDDSTONE, where I became project manager of the online marketing team. That is making sure everyting keeps running smooth and to keep te costumer happy. When they are happy, I am too.


Project Manager

Managing accounts, online marketing projects, copywriting and building websites


Race Planet


Managing the website/shop, creating content, press releases and designing racing car liveries.


Young Capital


Building websites, templates and emails and adding content to the company website.


Electronic Arts

Content Manager

Creating and localizing content and campaigns for games like FIFA, The Sims and Need for Speed.


Optimizing Businesses of Every Kind, Every Size. Are You Next?


my Skills

Although I regard myself as an experienced and capable professional, I am always eager to learn, develop and stay up-to-date with all the rapidly changing developments.

  • Online marketing
  • Design
  • Writing

Online Marketing

  • CRM
  • Display advertising
  • Social Media
  • Campaign strategy
  • Data analytics


  • Websites
  • Branding
  • Visual concepts
  • Corporate identity
  • Commercial assets


  • Press releases
  • SEO
  • Copywriting
  • Reports
  • Blogs

Awards & Education



Google Ads, Mobile & Analytics Certified




The Digital Workplace




Basic project management



Bachelor HBO

Journalism & Communications


I’ve Worked With


Race Planet

I like speed and going fast, so naturally I enjoyed my time at Race Planet, as you can also see on the picture… To bad it’s difficult to see the car I’ve designed behind, but you can have a closer look by clicking on the button below.


Electronic Arts

Who doesn’t dream about being “IN THE GAME”? I actually lived that dream during my time at EA, working with some wonderful colleagues on great projects like EA SPORTS FIFA, The Sims, Battlefield, Star Wars and Need for Speed.

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